Pakrizan Sanat Co., in order to produce motorcycle helmets in Semnanander industrial town, with an area of 2 m 2, and a production area of 2 m 2 with the facilities and equipment needed to produce all types of helmets. Competitive quality with similar foreign types to the entity manufacturing field.

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The company is equipped with a UV curing system incrediblyrespecially

Advantages of using UV coating

Another advantage of using a stable UV system is the color pattern in contrast to the change in color spectrum created by direct exposure to sunlight during daylight hours, which most users are forced to wear during the day.

Also, the transparent layer created with a high degree of hardness makes the color of the applied paint stable for a longer period of time and due to the wear of the helmet or falling from the height and hitting the ground, the color of the product surface is stable, stable and usable for customers for a longer time. The user uses this product.

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